Gary G. Steele

Čhávata z manéže

S romským rodinným cirkusem Amerikou třicátých let

KHER, Prague
Honorary Appreciation

Begründung der Jury

Czech Republic /// Tschechien

Bearing a candyfloss-coloured cover, this small but thick book is great fun. It takes us on a journey to 1930s America. Despite the bygone era around which the circus story revolves, it has a very fresh feel. We get to know circus staff and performers – people who don’t enjoy particularly high social status and who have had to eke out a living in deprived areas of the US.

This book, too, is economical in its design and production, but great care has been taken to ensure that entertainment doesn’t fall by the wayside.

The playful but well-defined title line is also found on the wide spine of the book, where it is divided by small stars reminiscent of a Wild West-influenced circus poster: “Roll up! Be amazed!” they seem to exhort. “This is a performance not to be missed!”

Dense typography makes the most of the pages, while small photographs are glued in between the texts. These recoloured historic photos show scenes from the stage, depicting the author’s family and their circus life.

The contemporary, handy format allows readers to take the book wherever they go, to have the authentic and intimate atmosphere of the big top in their pocket.

15,5 × 10,4 cm
432 Seiten
20,00 Euro
Jan Čumlivski, Juraj Horváth
Tiskárna Protisk, Budweis