Lene Ask

Ingen har sett det du ser

Heidi Bale Amundsen
MUNCH Museet, Oslo
Bronze Medal

Begründung der Jury

Norway /// Norwegen

The cover of this large, spiral-bound book doesn’t tell you at first glance what it’s about. But after the first few pages, the viewer is sure to be moved – here, the famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is approached from the perspective of a child and with an understanding, empathetic gaze.

This art education book explores drawing and creativity through and with Munch, but in a gentle way that allows for experiments and mistakes. It offers an alternative, accessible take on museum education that opens up a whole new space for exploring emotions. The spiral binding is both playful and
practical. It allows for the pages to be easily flipped around and, with the help of the cardboard cover, the book can be quickly converted into a sketchbook. Without giving too many directions, brief explanations and tasks invite children of all ages to explore Munch’s art and get creative themselves. Plenty of white space leaves room for drawing and creative experimentation.

The two sizes of the inside pages, the use of bright and in some places reflective colours, and the carefully arranged texts make the work a stimulating and inspiring guide to the world of art. The back cover is a mirror image of the front – a delightful little detail.

24 × 32 cm
50 Seiten
1500 (NO) 1500 (EN) 1000 (DE) 1000 (FR)
Aslak Gurholt
RK Grafisk, Oslo