Lucie Lučanská

Kniha vnímání

Michal Štěpánek
Lux, Strakonice
Honorary Appreciation

Begründung der Jury

Czech Republic /// Tschechien

This book takes us on a sensory journey of discovery. A separate chapter is dedicated to each of our five senses and, although each differs from the others in its artistic and printing techniques, the overall result retains consistency and balance. A less mainstream, more alternative illustration style creates a melancholic and subtle feel throughout.

In times of ubiquitous digital media, this book aims to help children to focus better on individual sensory perceptions and to investigate things thoroughly and in depth. On a walk through the forest, they learn that colour can change depending on the light, that dogs can detect smells better than humans, and that fallen apples can be sweet while pears hanging from trees can be sour.

Readers can not only explore the sensory world in words, however, but with their fingers too. That’s true not only of the linen cover but also of the chapter on touch. Here, a special varnish was used in the printing that invites the reader to feel the illustrations. Even smell can be experienced in this book. In the relevant chapter, rubbing one of the illustrations brings forth a forest scent. Three different types of paper and spot colours complement the different sensory impressions, making the book a special tactile and visual experience – and not just for children.

23,5 × 20 cm
80 Seiten
Lucie Lučanská
Lucie Lučanská
Tiskárna Helbich, Brno