Andres Gonzalez
American Origami

Design: Hans Gremmen
Druck: Grafiplaza, Amsterdam
Verlag: Fw:Books, Amsterdam
ISBN: 978 94 90119-81-2
Format: 240 × 280 mm
Seiten: 384
Auflage: 1000

  • result of six years of photographic research
  • examines the epidemic of mass shootings in American schools
  • bound in a unique way, which creates a visual parallel world of now and then
  • silenced landscape interwoven with the personal artifacts created by those left behind


Daisuke Sasaki
A Wizard of Tono

Design: Fujita Hiromi
Druck: Nissha Co., Ltd.
Verlag: Numabooks, Tokio
ISBN: 978-4-909242-03-7 
Format: 235 × 160 mm
Seiten: 204
Auflage: 350

  • a 3 mm thick transparent acrylic plate on top of the cover
  • seems like a view through a window
  • the external appearance of the book works without any typography
  • very broad margins align the simplicity of the text pages


Talya Weitzman
Outside Of Everywhere

Design: Talya Weitzman
Druck: AR print, Tel Aviv
Verlag: self-published, Abschlussarbeit an der Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
Format: 210 × 297 mm
Seiten: 174
Auflage: 10

  • “The book describes a wander through the institutions which I went through during my life.” (author/designer)
  • the cut-outs used in the book do not work as decorative elements, they rather seem to reflect an inner conflict
  • presence, non-presence, looking back, looking forth, empty gaps, overlaying impressions


Ana Jotta, Ricardo Valentim

Design: Márcia Novais
Druck: Maiadouro
Verlag: Gulbenkian, Lissabon
ISBN: 978-989-8758-57-6
Format: 170 × 230 mm
Seiten: 624
Auflage: 500

  • an atlas of intensive collaboration and dialogue between two artists with similar interests such as typography, exhibitions, artistic concepts – never without questioning these
  • even though published in a series, MOER departs from time to time from its guidelines
  • what remains is a simple design, which captivates the viewer anew with every reading
  • hardcover with dust jacket, black and white print on matt paper, massive pages tide with typical headband, and centre adjustment typography
  • this contrast makes the book extremely witty


Hong Wei
Contemplation: Philosophy of Dwelling

Design: Pan Yanrong
Druck: Nanjing New Century Alliance Printing Co., Ltd.
Verlag: Shanghai Classics Publishing House
ISBN: 9787532593637
Format: 230 × 330 mm
Seiten: 444
Auflage: 1200

  • high quality of material and production resembling the quality of what is shown
  • the book almost appears as a philosophical product catalogue
  • title, content and making – all speak the same language