Ehrendiplom Schweiz

Alex Hanimann
Etwas Fehlt

Design: Vinzenz Meyner
Druck: Kösel GmbH & Co. KG, Altusried-Krugzell
Verlag: Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich
ISBN: 978-3-906803-84-5
Format: 234 × 320 mm
Seiten: 524
Auflage: 800

  • catalogue of Alex Hanimann’s photographic explorations conducted over the past twelve years
  • unusual storytelling: an ongoing mosaic layout accompanied by an interview
  • one line of text at the bottom of every page
  • chronological but disjointed order causes constant re-contextualisation
  • we are all in love with the cover, it seems that the story is not finished yet


Kirill Gluschenko
Venets. Welcome to the Ideal

Design: Kirill Gluschenko
Druck: PNB Print
Verlag: Gluschenkoizdat, Moscow
ISBN: 9-785990-951914
Format: 200 × 260 mm
Seiten: 320
Auflage: 500

  • a story about a hotel and an allegory of Russia and the fall of the Soviet Union
  • graded photos, varying paper stocks and references to Soviet layouts and fonts make it seem like an object of the past


Iwona Pasińska, photos: Andrzej Grabowski

Design: Ryszard Bienert
Verlag: Polish Dance Theatrem, Poznan
ISBN: 978 – 83 – 951669 – 0 -7
Format: 148 × 168 mm
Seiten: 528
Auflage: 500

  • 45 years of Polski Teatr Tańca presented in a small and humble format, unusual for a jubilee edition
  • to open the book is to open a casket, revealing a mass of different material
  • these are placed on the small pages in a gripping rhythm


Elspeth Diederix
When Red Disappears

Design: Hans Gremmen
Druck: robstolk®, Amsterdam
Verlag: Fw:Books, Amsterdam
ISBN: 978 94 90119-77-5
Format: 230 × 335 mm
Seiten: 88
Auflage: 1000

  • When Red Disappears is so incredibly well printed that:
  • - you think it is printed on black paper – which it is not
  • - you think you are diving next to the artist holding the spotlight
  • - you have the feeling, you could scratch the bright white letters of the pages with your fingernail


Tobias Klett, Lea Kolling / Ludovic Balland, Julia Blume
Weltall Erde Mensch #23

Design: Tobias Klett, Lea Kolling
Druck: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg
Verlag: Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig
ISBN: 978-3-947139-04-0
Format: 220 × 340 mm
Seiten: 96
Auflage: 200

  • awesome image compositions
  • leafing through, further surprising pairs of pictures appear
  • portraits of teenagers dressed up for the Eastern German festivity “Jugendweihe” lay side by side with greatly enlarged excerpts from the book called “Weltall Erde Mensch”