Goldene LetterSchweiz

Elisabeth Jobin, Yann Chateigné
Almanach Ecart. Une archive collective, 1969-2019

Design: Dan Solbach
Druck: TBS, La Buona Stampa SA, Pregassona (CH)
Verlag: HEAD – Genève / art&fiction publications
ISBN: 978-2-940570-85-0
Format: 244 × 322 mm
Seiten: 424
Auflage: 1000

  • powerful editorial approach which makes the subject of the past part of the present
  • through documenting real archive material of the artist collective, the fictional almanac is transformed into another item in Ecart’s body of work
  • custom typeface based on the typewriter font used in the collective’s correspondence
  • beautiful choice of materials, attention paid to small details