Gordon Matta-Clark, Anu Vahtra
Short Term Eternity

Design: Indrek Sirkel
Druck: Tallinna Book Printers
Verlag: Lugemik, Talinn in Kooperation mit dem Art Museum of Estonia
ISBN: 978-9949-7234-6-1
Format: 110 × 165 mm
Seiten: 248
Auflage: 550

  • deliberate use of softly translucent pages, staging see-through images as element of spread composition
  • the book brings together two artists – Gordon Matta-Clark and Anu Vahtra – whose practices are related to each other in many ways (even though born in different times and locations)
  • the book as well as the artists reflects spatial situations others are not even aware of
  • gaps, space, non-space, context


Giovanna Borasi, Albert Ferré, Francesco Garutti, Jayne Kelley, Mirko Zardini
The Museum is Not Enough / Le Musée Ne Suffit pas

Design: Studio Jonathan Hares, Amaury Hamon
Druck: Druckerei Odermatt AG, Dallenwil (CH)
Verlag: Sternberg Press, Berlin
ISBN: 978-1-927071-58-8 (CCA) 978-3-95679-517-6 (Sternberg Press)
Format: 240 × 310 mm
Seiten: 200
Auflage: 2600 (2000 Englisch / 600 Französisch)

  • simply, yet beautifully designed volume with bold, yet softly embossed title
  • visual emphasis on the title sums up range of issues – among them – architecture beyond frames of a cultural institution
  • the institution, here the Canadian Centre for Architecture, speaks to the reader in first person, in large serif font, throughout the book, contrasting the otherwise modest, strictly on-grid sans-serif interviews, essays and images on thin, uncoated stock
  • it’s functional, approachable, unifying, yet lively in reflecting the many different voices speaking