Gold MedalGermany

gta D ARCH Ausstellungen, ETH Zürich (Hrsg.)
Buchner Bründler – Bauten
gta Verlag, Zurich

Design Concept: Ludovic Balland, Andreas Bründler, Daniel Buchner – Basel (Switzerland)
Design and Composition: Ludovic Balland und Gregor Schreiter / Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet – Basel (Switzerland)
Printer: Offsetdruckerei Karl Grammlich GmbH – Pliezhausen
Bookbinder: Lachenmaier GmbH – Reutlingen
ISBN: 978-3-85676-297-1

An architect’s monograph which has been solidified into visual poetry. On the book’s wide spine we read not only its title, but also the blurb which has been positioned here, using the same sober yet delicate typography which sustains the whole book. The cover already bears witness to the disciplined but extravagant taste of architecture and book. The potential offered by a contents table is exploited to the full, stretching as it does here over 29 pages, connecting the subject groupings which are summarised under particular mottos with interviews and raising what is otherwise generally such an unassuming zone of a book to nothing short of a literary genre.

The book follows a concept of presenting the individual constructions with a minimum of text, and its photographs on matt absorptive paper – mostly monochrome, sometimes with reduced colour saturation – leave behind their impressions thanks to their contemplative staging. Between the projects, moreover, a contrast is created which could hardly be greater: using Bible paper for fold-out pages the construction drafts are tantamount to an invitation to industrial espionage. And for this the book even has a special tool at the ready – a bookmark showing the increments of the various scales. A work of graphical engineering.