Goldene LetterBelgium

Paul Elliman
Untitled (September Magazine) Paul Elliman, 2013
Roma Publications and Vanity Press

Design: Paul Elliman, Julie Peeters
Print: Drukkerij Sint-Joris, Gent (Belgium)
ISBN: 978-9-491843051

The glamour world can’t get enough of its own self-reflecting glossy magazines. Celebrity style and self-staging all over the place. And now another 500 fat pages are added. A magazine with a captivating cover: a lady’s mop of hair, cut below the left eyebrow and adorned with a cute hairclip braves the keen audience.

And what is the name of this new organ of the glittering partisans? 9789491843051. Simply a barcode on the cover page. And what does the broad spine say? Nothing. The back cover? Fluttering laundry in Yves Klein blue. Well, let’s have a look inside.

Bare of any text, the pages lead us into the iconography of exhibitionist wellbeing. This is a course book on the art of playing with our viewing habits, our unconscious expectations. Beautiful naked feet, cool Prince of Wales check pleats, fragmentary gestures – hands, where one has to look where they point, what they are gripping. Declaring the art of this book as a parody would be too simple. It penetrates the visual code in which we are trapped. This code frustrates our yearnings.

Quite funny, if screen dots are reproduced by screen dots: beaten at their own game.