Goldene LetterNetherlands and Flanders

Titus Knegtel
Other Evidence: Blindfold
Titus Knegtel, Amsterdam

Design: Titus Knegtel, Amsterdam
Print: Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel

The Srebrenica massacre in 1995: more than 8,000 people murdered. – The International Criminal Court: evidence of a war crime exhumed and brought to light, translated into objective data. 50,000 pages of autopsy reports written, 30,000 pieces of evidence photographed. – An artist’s book: documents from the tribunal taken from the files. – The form: double codex with individual sheets of paper, bound with paper fasteners and wrap-around cardboard cover.

Shocking events do not simply disappear if they are forgotten. Remembrance alone does not set things to rights again. Like a monument, an artist’s book can achieve something: in a visual and material setting, it can capture those things that are not understandable. In this case, the finesse of the design features will not be admired, the careful typography will not be emphasised, and the modern typeface will not be appreciated. This book will be valued and kept as an expression of shell-shocked shame – and once in a while, in moments of disbelief, it will be picked up and people will ask themselves: How could this have happened?