Gold MedalGermany

Pierre Pané-Farré
Soirée Fantastique

Design: Pierre Pané-Farré
Printer:PögeDruck, Leipzig (Offset); Grafische Werkstätten der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Letterpress); Johannes Oestringer (Production planning)
Publisher: Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig
Bindery: Buchbinderei Heinz Meyer GmbH, Lichtenau (Chemnitz)
ISBN: 978-3-932865-94-7

The jet-black Wild West letters on the jacket are designed to attract attention from afar. The jacket feels leathery to the touch – and inside the large format makes the bundle of thin paper seem even lighter. The letter-folded sheets of paper are closed at the top. A tightly stitched seam with strong black yarn holds together the bundle of papers in the middle of the book. Roughly 330 posters from Leipzig printers Oskar Leiner from the years between the 1840s and 1870s are contrasted with street photography from Leipzig that originated in the same period. The monochrome, stationary pictures from this past era all seem so rigid; it is as if the people have been faded out by the camera’s long exposure times. And suddenly, in your mind you hear loud voices. You can imagine the crowds of people, squealing with pleasure or astonishment at the Niederländisches Affentheater, the marvellous magicians, the wrestlers and firework artistes. Colourful pastel posters conjure up the shimmering, magnificent costumes and the motley audience – but how? Using an intriguing idea for the design: the posters, one after another, are placed on top of each other in the book, with the edges of the previous one remaining visible, or disappearing entirely – just like posters that are stuck on top of one another to form huge collages where recent events still linger. In this kaleidoscopic density, a facet of social history comes to life: leisure activities in the city of Leipzig during the 19th century.

© Rolf Wöhrle