The international juryJury panel in Leipzig, February 7th and 9th 2019, German National Library

An independent international jury convenes every year in February in Leipzig with the task of selecting 14 outstandingly designed books from about 600 of the best books from more than 34 countries: The best of the best!

Ricardo Báez / Venezuela
Valeria Bonin / Switzerland
Sascha Fronczek / Germany
Simon Hessler / Sweden
Rob van Hoesel / The Netherlands

  • Ricardo Báez (Venezuela)

Ricardo Báez is a Venezuelan graphic designer who focuses on editorial and book design, art direction and cultural brand design. Most recently he has been involved with the development, editing, design and promotion of photographic projects in the form of books or photobooks, forming part of different juries and participating in photo-editorial teams. He has received numerous awards for his book design of Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation by Mathieu Asselin. Báez founded the design studio Tipografía Báez together with his partner Andrea Gámez and operates from Venezuela, working with design teams in Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

  • Valeria Bonin (Switzerland)

In cooperation with Diego Bontognali, in 2003 Valeria Bonin founded the company Bonbon which is headquartered in Zurich. Bonbon focuses on the conception and realisation of books, magazines, posters and identities, and has received several national and international awards for its work. Since 2003 Valeria Bonin has taught graphics and typography, currently at the Design Schools in St. Gallen and Lucerne. In 2015 Bonin was already on the jury for the Best Book Design from all over the World.

  • Sascha Fronczek (Germany)

Sascha Fronczek is a freelance graphic designer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. He specialises in graphic design and typography, with a focus on books, exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and the development of corporate designs. Until 2012 he studied graphic and communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld with Prof. Dirk Futterer and Prof. Anna Zika. Since then he has worked closely with the graphic bureau 2×Goldstein.

  • Simon Hessler (Sweden)

Simon Hessler is an art director and graphic designer at the award-winning design studio BankerWessel in Stockholm. He holds a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and Typography from London College of Printing, and also an MFA in Visual Communication from Konstfack. He is a member of the Stockholm Typographical Guild and has received awards from Swedish Book Arts and The Best German Book Design, as well as featuring in the industry’s leading press. His typographic novel What the needle draws has also been widely praised.

  • Rob van Hoesel (The Netherlands)

Rob van Hoesel is a Dutch graphic designer who focuses on editorial and book design. In 2011 he founded The Eriskay Connection, an independent publisher of art books at the intersection of photography, research, social issues and science. His work is characterised by conceptual storytelling, co-authorship, and the importance of meaning and accessibility. Although diverse, his work is always of service to the content and carries a recognisable signature with special attention to typography. Van Hoesel has received regular awards at Dutch and international book design competitions.