Golden LetterSouth Korea


Yu Jeong Eom (artist)
Design: Shin Shin (Haeok Shin, Donghyeok Shin)
Format: 22,5 cm × 30 cm
Pages: 224 / Copies: 600
Printer: Munsung Printing, Jung-gu, Seoul
Publisher: Mediabus, Seoul
ISBN: 979-1190-434065

Jury ‘s comment:
A special book about the plant illustrations of the Korean artist Yu Jeong Eom, which plays very subtly with the connection between materiality and content. Opening – with pencil drawings on gossamer paper that constantly transforms as you turn the pages: The illustrations increase in (line) weight, the paper in thickness. Carefully selected materials take the viewer on a haptic journey through Yu Jeong Eom’s art. Translated from French, the word FEUILLES means leaves, referring to both plants and paper.