Gerhild Steinbuch, Sandro D. Huber, Sabine Konrath, Greta Pichler, Felicitas Prokopetz, Tizian Natale Rupp

alles oder nichts wortet

Festschrift für Ferdinand Schmatz

De Gruyter, Berlin (DE) / Edition Angewandte, Vienna (AT)
Bronze Medal

jury statement

Austria /// Österreich

This large-sized publication is radical, it´s contradictory and edgy.

The title of the book “alles oder nichts wortet”, is written in delicate typewriter script at the top of the large, dignified purple linen cover.

When opened, the abbreviated body of the book is surprising, adding up chapter by chapter. The use of typography seems extreme at first glance and remains so on further consideration. The way line breaks are conceived and implemented leave a sense of design obsession.

Right from the beginning, starting with the preface, the typographical setting with idiosyncratic fringes opens the book: instead of indents, we are picked up by widely projecting excerpts at the edge of the binding and lead our way into the paragraphs. Thus, the text contributions flutter through the Festschrift set in a remarkably bold grotesque typeface. These are interrupted again and again by lyrical texts set in typewriter font like fine interjections.

One gains the feeling of an inner discussion. Each new paragraph generates a change of view. Layers of translucent text blocks structure the visual impression again and again.

With haptically elegant glossy pages with a large letter notation, the book is separated into its chapters, concluded on the back, in the manner of concrete poetry, language is always also image, not just written word. The processes of content and design always seem to remain active and discursive. A book project that will always lead to discussions, which is part of the concept.

275 × 368 mm
number of pages
128 Seiten
number of copies
studio VIE / Anouk Rehorek, Christian Schlager, Simon Merz, Vanessa Eck, Lena Thomaka
Holzhausen, die Buchmarke der Gerin Druck GmbH, Wolkersdorf (AT)