Kirsten Marie Raahauge, Deane Simpson, Martin Søberg, Katrine Lotz

Architectures of Dismantling and Restructuring

Spaces of Danish Welfare, 1970–Present

Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich
Bronze Medal

jury statement

The Netherlands /// Die Niederlande

Times are changing. Social systems are changing. Public space is changing. In everyday life, however, sometimes unnoticed.

The present publication explores a series of urgent questions. Using Denmark as case study, it deals with architecture’s role in welfare and everyday life of citizens. The book has both a creative power and objectivity, which presents the perspectives of architects, art historians and anthropologists. Interdisciplinarity is a top priority here. It is more than noticeable that the designer was part of the research group for several years.

The elaborate research project, that has taken the form of a book with half-linen binding, manages to make many perspectives visible. It examines how the spatiality of the welfare system has transformed since the end of the so-called “golden age of the welfare state” in the early 1970s until today. Colour and typography have been employed to keep these complex flows of information readable. A colour system creates clear differentiation in terms of content. The colour purple is related to the 1970s, while turquoise illustrations relate to the present. Serif Bradford supports the visualisations, whereas sans serif Monument Grotesk is chosen for the essay parts.

The design team redesigned an immense number of infographics, diagrams and maps based on data and sketches from the authors. We take our hats off to this extremely complex project and thank the designers for making us curious instead of scaring us off.

170 x 240mm
number of pages
464 Seiten
number of copies
Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat, Philipp Doringer, Julie da Silva / SJG, Amsterdam
Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort