Aleix Plademunt


Spector Books, Leipzig
Silver Medal

jury statement

Switzerland /// Schweiz

Aleix Plademunts' extensive photographic work on matter is collected in a well-proportioned publication that – in correspondence with the subject matter – feels firm, substantial, and long lasting. Every photographic and typographic element is well considered and rests in a stable yet potent position. The project as a whole has a formal confidence, which is compelling from the first instance.

For about 10 years the Spanish photographer has been working on his most comprehensive personal project. His stunning photo series has finally manifested itself in a book object via a chain of associations. A stream of thoughts that has become a beautiful physical publication that somehow manages to be both epic and delicate at the same time. A physical object that you enjoy holding in your hands. You want to leaf through it, again and again. Page after page of tense pictorial compositions. Simple as it is brilliant.

A harmonious interplay of black-and-white and coloured pictures, luring you into the book. You get lost in it. Without any problems, an individual story can unfold in everyone's head. If you need context, a minimalist image index will help you out – if necessary at all

225 x 310mm
number of pages
640 Seiten
number of copies
1000 (EN) 500 (ES)
Fabian Bremer, Hannes Drißner, Pascal Storz
Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei, Langenhagen