Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv

On the Move

The Old Lion Publishing House, Lviv (UA)
Honorary Appreciation

jury statement


The present book could be considered a children’s book. But actually, it is a book for all generations.
The universe is ever on the move. Nothing remains in complete rest. On 64 richly illustrated pages, interspersed with a bouquet of vividly shining spot colours, the publication portrays the earth, the water on it, the atmosphere, the continents, and living organisms – all existing in a state of constant motion. We walk, run, jump, crawl, swim, and fly. We travel. All this is superbly told in the great illustration style of the author duo. Their way of visually telling stories is, on one hand, broken down to the essential in terms of formal language, but on the other hand, highly complex constructed and readable in so many ways. The details in the design of the colour layers seem reduced but have been realised with great attention to detail. Which colours are left out, layered or combined is in no way left to chance.

It´s all about movement and mobility – not only of people, but also of animals, plants, wind, water, and our planetary system. Journeys for the purpose of trade, pleasure, relaxation, expeditions and of course of survival. Tons of creative ideas tell stories about migration, navigation, and finally, about finding one’s path. Where are you heading to? Where are you coming from?

The information density and the joy of visual communication go hand in hand. The textual level is also appropriately on the go. It too is in motion, all texts have been deliberately italicised. In keeping with the narrative thread, the lines lean forward dynamically, additionally reinforced by accompanying slashes. The slashes as well as the stroke width of the line drawings and the type weights form a harmonious unison.

70 × 100 × 8 mm
number of pages
64 Seiten
number of copies
Art studio AGRAFKA / Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv
Globus Kharkiv book factory (UA)