Dimitris Papazoglou

Re-Constitution '21

The essay

Honorary Appreciation

jury statement

Greece /// Griechenland

Essay, insignia fragments, design statements and visual disquisition about national and social identity subjects. Research and study for the development of the visual identity and the exhibition design on the occasion of the bicentennial anniversary from the Greek Revolution – this is how the project summarises itself.

The present publication is the synopsis of a research project – yet so much more. A research project dealing with the question what a national identity is. How does design contribute to the branding of a nation? How are design and politics linked? What impact does this have on society? What potential can visual communication have for historical self-awareness?

Dimitris Papazoglou is designer, author, and publisher of the book, that he started in 2017 as a personal study on identity issues on a national scale, while working on the rebranding of a new identity for the National Library of Greece.

A publication consistent in its structure. Cover and body in complete harmony. Simple typography, conscious choices, and composition of fonts in an unpredictable layout. The typographical details stand for clarity and legibility. A bold signal colour reinforces the creative power of the statements. Rounded off by the carefully selected papers and a well-crafted production.

“Reconstitution ’21” also expands on a series of contemporary daily fashion items, as a representation of the designers’ perspectives to what Greek history can inspire contemporary daily life.

225 x 320mm
number of pages
104 Seiten
number of copies
Future Format, Patras