Wang Muyuu

Water: Wang Muyuu Artworks Portfolio

Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing House, Nanjing (CN)
Honorary Appreciation

jury statement


Reading this book gives a sense of ritual and flipping through the pages alone is enjoyment. This publication is so delicate that it forces you to be gentle and slow while browsing. It gives us the feeling that it is aimed at a spiritual journey.

The book is a collection of works by the artist Wang Muyuu. His work, in turn, is inspired by the fascinating magnum opus of the old master Ma Yuan (1160–1225) who lived in the Chinese Song Dynasty and dealt with the movement of water in its many different facets.

The main book is presented in traditional Chinese accordion binding. The accompanying index book adopts saddle stitching with wave form stitches, die-cut water waves line the front pages of the book slipcase.
It focuses on high level image reproduction, without any text or even page numbers. Opened layer by layer, the paintings and the image details are divided into two separate volumes, without interfering with each other.

Although the layout on each page is structured differently, the accordion-bound pages, once unfolded, display the image of flowing water. The different water surfaces seem to be connected to each other. But not only the water pages go hand in hand. Fully spread out, the heights and depths of the book’s pages form their own swell. It flows. Structure and content of the index, on the other hand, provide excellent guiding and interpretation for the main piece. Objectively, they face the sea.

The book’s exquisite printing restores the original works of the artist very well. The die-cut waves on the edge of the green envelope are like calm water patterns, waiting quietly for a dive.

230 × 340 × 42 mm
number of pages
740 Seiten
number of copies
QQQQ DESIGN / Qu Minmin, Jiang Qian
Shanghai Artron Art Printing Co., Ltd. (CN)