stiftung buchkunst awards the best german book design of a year, offers a platform for rethinking the medium of the book with the sponsorship prize for young book design, and networks international book design competitions under the umbrella of best book design from all over the world.

Stiftung Buchkunst

For more than 50 years, Stiftung Buchkunst has been promoting the exemplary design of commercial books and providing them with a highly regarded forum through three important competitions - »The Best German Book Design«, »Sponsorship Prize for Young Book Design« and »Best Book Design from all over the World«. The results of these design competitions set points of reference and track new developments. They serve as impulses for outstanding design and exemplary workmanship.

Quite a few people see the future of the printed book as being tied to its material and sensory quality. While for a long time production and design were often examined primarily in terms of cost, the challenges of the future are quality and creativity. A positive development is clearly noticeable here.

The competitions of Stiftung Buchkunst and the books honored in them are intended to draw the attention of the industry and the public beyond the content to top achievements in book design and book production, and thus to pay more attention to the medium and its form. After all, it is not only the second best that can learn from the most beautiful - but the entire industry. If manufacturing and design quality, in addition to its functionality, is also understood as a marketing argument, the beautiful book can secure its place in media and society.

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