Tal R, Tusnelda Schmidt Frellesvig, Louis Montes


Keyhole Books, Copenhagen
Bronze Medal

Begründung der Jury

Denmark /// Dänemark

This book design rejects all forms of visual framing or translation by radically cutting away everything except the work itself. The drawings by artist Tal R are not presented in a layout, they are going full bleed on every page, just like they would in his sketchbook. Even the way colour is bleeding through the paper is included. The design decision to not wrap the book in a cover, contextualise it through text or structure it through the use of pagination, captions, colophon or similar, makes it a brave and highly conceptual publication and gives an intimate and honest experience of Tal R’s work.

A project that does not gloss over.

This publication reproduces a series of different drawings of clowns, created with different pens. If – compared to the pencil sketch – the felt pen pushes through the paper, then it is reproduced one-to-one.

Typographically, only the title is placed on the back page, and a few core details about the creators are added on the last inside page. That´s it. :KLOVN

235 x 330mm
48 Seiten
Louis Montes
Søren Hørdum