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Éditions divergences, Paris
Bronze Medal

Begründung der Jury

France /// Frankreich

This series of books from the French publishing house “éditions divergences” has a clear visual identity, featuring a minimalist
graphic structure and a recognizable colour scheme.

The soft, compact books are a joy to handle, making it a pleasure to tackle their varied content and also to collect the titles
and arrange them on your own shelf.

Simple, functional materials were chosen. The visual language makes judicious use of typography and a system of dividing lines that interact with each other compositionally. The freshness of the cover compositions is supported by the two-colour design, while the inside pages use the same language of lines plus black-and-white headings. No images are required, and the clean typographic style helps the content take centre stage.

Representative of the series, these two titles come in a lime and clementine-hued cover with a bluish typeface. The blurb has boldly migrated to the front, though the price and ISBN remain on the back. In addition, the flexible cover system offers enough space for an extensive list of authors or a single author in a larger font.

20 × 12 cm
176 / 160 Seiten
2500 / 15000
9791097088545 / 9791097088286
Morgane Masse
cover design
Morgane Masse, Anouk Rebaud
Corlet Imprimeur, Condé-en- Normandie / Sepec Imprimerie, Péronnas and Corlet Imprimeur, Condé-en-Normandie