Thomas K. Keller

Die Rationalität des Baumeisterlichen

Park Books, Zurich
Bronze Medal

Begründung der Jury

Switzerland /// Schweiz

This large-format architectural volume reveals itself to be a silent manifesto. The tall, slender book block, encased in flexible cover boards, does not feel clumsy or heavy at all.

An analogue photograph of a sky bathes the cover in a radiant, nostalgic blue, within which you see the sculptural outline of a building. The carefully placed lettering can be traced with your fingertips. The traditionally centred author name and title fill almost the entire width of the cover, while the positioning of the keywords “Architektur”, “Städtebau”, “Denkmalpflege” and “Infrastruktur” (“architecture”, “urban planning”, “heritage conservation” and “infrastructure”) feels both modern and surprising.

Intriguing in its verticality, the book invites the reader to dive into Thomas Keller’s wide-ranging architectural practice and its theoretical basis. Although different thematic areas are addressed, the visual language creates a clear cohesion, while the four featured essays are elevated by Sebastian Stadler’s new photographs of the buildings.

Over 600 analogue photographs were combined and stacked in a strict but varying image grid. The grid system is cleverly constructed and supports the architectural theme and verticality. The same holds true for the text columns. They lend calm and consistency to the visual narrative. Minor variation in the layout, the soft colour scale and the high standard of typography make for a highly harmonious publication.

34 × 22,5 cm
284 Seiten
Sebastian Stadler
Bänziger Hug / Samuel Bänziger, Michel Egger
DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg