Samuel Beckett

The Selected Works of Samuel Beckett

Kim Nuiyeon
Workroom Press, Seoul
Honorary Appreciation

Begründung der Jury

South Korea /// Südkorea

A beautiful example of design authorship. These volumes tackle the necessary repetition of a series by employing variations on a theme – an encounter of the author’s work with the photographer’s personal stone collection. The 11- volume series, part of Samuel Beckett's work, has taken on a form on its own through the designer's choices.

The designer Hyungjin Kim took the inspiration for the core design element of the book series from a plot in the novel "Molloy", in which the main character lives in a cave on the coast and has acquired a collection of stones that he uses to suck on in a personal ritual. This idea complemented very well with the stone collection of photographer Kyoungtae Kim. A black and white reproduction of one pebble from the collection appears at the beginning of each novel. On the respective cover, this is visually varied in a more abstract way and reproduced very appealingly on the cover material via foil embossing.

The cover shows the corresponding pebble variation, the author's initials, but omits the title of the novel. All the important facts have been arranged on the rounded spine of the book.

Each stone variation automatically stands for one of the texts. Each story conveys a different feeling when viewed and experienced. Just as each pebble is different in colour, shape and feel. Some collect pebbles, others stories or even books.

125 x 210mm
120 / 256 / 88 / 112 / 152 / 192 / 288 / 128 / 232 / 260 / 188 pages (or 88–288 pages) Seiten
2000 (each)
978-89-94207-65-0 (set)
Kim Hyungjin
Segeoleum, Seoul
EH (Kim Kyoungtae)